CheckmatexDelvonJae, LLC (Checkmate) mission is to work with eco-friendly materials to create pieces by using new and recycled fabrics to lessen the waste of air pollution and migration of land fills due to mass production and over consumption in the fast fashion industry as we know it.

Sustainability practices not only provide a consciousness but with exclusive custom handmade designs, you're more prone to cherish them longer than you would an impulsive buy from fast fashion retailers.

Checkmate pieces are made-to-order and inspected for the best quality. Providing goods and services for the lifestyles of men, women and for whomever sees fit.

We embody comfort and confidence. Creating a second skin through carefully sourced materials. Chosen with an all day wear in mind. For an errand run, travel or leisure. No matter, size, shape or gender. Lessening (y)our carbon footprint one comfortable piece at a time. All the while complementing your style to speak for you -- Checkmate, Game Over.

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