Denim Bustier with Fringe



Limited Edition Glass Beaded Fringe Bralette, Med

“I’ve Arrived!”

This bralette is super comfy and stylish alone, but wear it and it comes alive! Make it a day-to-night top. Wear it casually to that rooftop brunch or to one of those night events—the ones where you HAVE to show out!

This piece will not only keep you cool but it’s supportive, with structured sides. Nice on the skin with a silk interior and decorative denim exterior. It’ll feel very familiar with the adjustable back closure.

  • Double-layer Glass bead fringe
  • 100% Cotton Denim
  • 100% Silk interior
  • Glass Beading
  • Super comfy;
  • Supportive w/ metal boning
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Adjustable backing

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