Tribal Print Bucket Hat



Hats will forever be the cherry on top, no pun intended—well, maybe.

Add this transitional piece to your collection. It’s not only eye catching but can be worn dressed up or down.

Woven technique gives a light effect which is great for wearing when sunny. It’s also reversible with two brand rectangle labels.

Material is authentic from the motherland, Africa. With original pattern designs and a light waxed finish. Patterns marry vibrant colors and defined designs.

Pair with the classic look: jeans and a tee or ladies if you’re feeling for something slight, a sundress and sandals.

This bucket hat will piece together either look.

Produced slightly larger than average. To shrink, wash with clothes—dry on medium to high heat.

  • 100% Cotton | Waxed finish
  • Slight structure
  • Comfortable fit along brim
  • Reversible labeling
  • Washable
  • Air dry for remaining shape | High heat to reduce size
  • O/S fits most

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